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Thank you for your commitment and patience -  Kenilworth

You have gone 'above and beyond' in an unusual situation.

- North Shore

Impressed by her ethical and professional standards as well as her willingness to help - Wilmette

Shawn is absolutely the most amazing realtor we have ever used, and having moved more than 13 times over 30 years, we are experts!

She took the time to deeply understand the details of our home, was great at creatively marketing it (how can you beat #WOW as a headline) and gave great counsel and advice as we worked our way through multiple offers. She was there every step of the way and seemed even prouder of our beautiful home than we were. If you are looking for a true partner then you should definitely hire Shawn.

Chuck and Lorraine

Shawn is an exceptional realtor.

What impresses me the most is she puts the client’s interest first. She is very knowledgeable and knows the Northshore area very well. Highly recommend her to anyone.

Damrong Nattawuttisit

Shawn made both the buying and selling process of our houses as smooth as possible.

Within a week of being on the market, both houses went under contract. This required excellent communication and great attention to details in order to facilitate both transactions quickly. On the sale side, Shawn gave us thoughtful advice to prepare our home for staging and gave us good recommendations for necessary repairs. She was able to expedite a tremendous amount of work (photographing our home, drawing the layout with room dimensions, and creating all marketing materials) in a very short amount of time so that we could place our home on the market during the buying season with our first open house before Memorial Day weekend. During both transactions, Shawn made herself available when we needed to meet in person (nearly every day on the buy side during the inspection week). She helped us stay organized and well informed throughout both processes. I would highly recommend Shawn to anyone who is buying or selling a house on the North Shore of Chicago.

Emily C.

Thank you, Shawn, for selling our house!

We are so appreciative of all your hard work and the vision you formed when you first walked into our living room. You held my hand every step of the way, making such a monumental move at this time in our lives manageable. Without your vision, expertise, and emotional support I would have been lost. You always knew just who to call if something needed to be done in a timely (and cost effective) way. And the response of service providers reflected their confidence in your expertise. Thanks again! Peg Beeman

Margaret (Peggy) Beeman

You are outstanding, Shawn, at what you do.

 Thank you! - Chicago

Shawn went above and beyond to help me find the perfect new home!

! She is amazingly patient and totally committed to doing whatever it takes to match up her client with the exact right place for them to live. Thank you, Shawn! I am so grateful!


If there was a 10-star rating we would gladly give it to Shawn McGuinness Gavin!

Formerly, we must say that we felt realtors weren't of tremendous value in selling a home-- it just seemed to us they get a nice commission for very little effort. Shawn TOTALLY changed our minds about that! We literally could not have sold this home without her. We had already moved from the area, and so couldn't be around for a myriad of details regarding staging as well as upkeep and maintenance through a long, cold Chicago winter-- Shawn took care of everything for us in addition to brilliantly marketing the home and shepherding us through the twists and turns of offers and negotiations. She delivered so much value with her experience and expertise, as well as her totally pleasant-yet-professional attitude and tireless work on our behalf. We could not be more pleased with her involvement and will be forever grateful for her assistance.

Carol Fry

Shawn is simply THE BEST!

!! My husband and I along with our three year old daughter (and 2 dogs) relocated from NYC to the North Shore area. We knew very little about the North Shore area, and felt completely lost when we began our house hunt. Shawn patiently took the time to educate us on the North Shore suburbs. She made sure that we did not settle for a house that did not fit our needs and she worked tirelessly to find the right house for us. After we found “the house” she was persistent and persuasive with her fantastic negotiating skills to help us land the home of our dreams for a price that fit our budget. We closed on our home 5 months ago, and we couldn’t be happier. Shawn has been a dream to work with. She is kind, smart, driven and most importantly she truly understands her clients needs and cares about their happiness. Thank you Shawn!

Ed Parks & Julie Zimmer

Shawn is the best of the best!

Thoroug and unbelievably accommodating. We were looking for an in-law suite with an extra sitting room for them as well. Not only did we do give or take 7 houses an outing, the house we bought, I saw it listed at night and asked her if she could take me the next morning in addition to 2 other houses, because I suddenly got an unexpected late start to my work day (11:30 a.m). We had 10 minutes literally to walk through the house we ended buying, knew immediately it was the house, and was able to put in an offer, even before my husband had a chance to get back in town. We were able to get the house because of Shawn's ability to take me on several hour notice!

Yuko & Marc Sharpee

Shawn is amazing.

She tuned into my needs right away! I could not have gotten through this process without her.

Jane Ranshaw

Shawn is by far the most outstanding realtor in the North Shore.

Every suggestion she made was with astute insight into its advantages because of her depth of knowledge. Shawn insists on being present for each showing, welcoming and on hand to answer any questions for prospective buyers. She communicated so well with my seasoned real estate attorney, he told me he hopes to work with her in the future--high praise from a lawyer! Here's evidence of her talent: Shawn had three offers on my home the first week it was on the market-one higher than the asking price! Unheard of in this era of The Pandemic. I've recommended her to everyone, regardless of whether or not they're in the market to sell. I hope they listen as well as she does.

Ellen Lazar

Supportive, on time, very knowledgeable.

Obviously is concerned about what is best for the client (Me)!

Jane Ranshaw

I have bought and sold over 10 properties throughout my life so far, and all of my real estate agents have been fine and "good.

" However, Shawn Gavin is in an elite category by herself. I will look to her for any property I am either buying or selling going forward. She has earned a lifetime of loyalty from me. Her level of service goes far beyond the norm, and her dedication to serving each of her clients is exceptional. Examples include: 1) Rather than doing a few open houses, Shawn suggested we have them every weekend! And she personally attended each one! 2) During our rushed staging process because I wanted to get it listed by a certain date, Shawn was there every minute, helping to oversee electricians changing out light fixtures to boxing things up to cart out of the house. 3) She is perhaps the only realtor I know to not want to "make a deal," but rather to strategize first to get my BEST deal. 4) Her response to any text messages and/or voicemails is within minutes! I have never known a more responsive real estate agent. Ever. (And I send a lot of texts.) and overall 5) She puts my needs ahead of her own. Aside from her exceptional service levels, her negotiating expertise has been invaluable, and I know I would not be where I am today without Shawn. She does not react quickly to an offer or counteroffer, but instead helps me think it through on all levels before responding. I am truly grateful for her sound expertise and artful negotiating. Aside from her exceptional professional acumen, Shawn is just a delightful person, and I am so happy to have gotten to know her throughout my process of both buying and selling. She is "good people," as we like to say in our family. Her values, her integrity, her intelligence, and her sense of humor are a rare combination. She is simply the BEST out there.

Linda & David Maclachlan


Agent. Ever. - Northfield

She literally held our hand and walked us through the whole process.

She presented the broad picture at the beginning so we could have a general view of the entire process. It was totally overwhelming and I felt in over my head and trapped b/c I had to move. She assured us that she would walk though each step with us and that’s exactly what she did. She gave us professional recommendations on work that would have great impact and enabled us to evaluate it for ourselves. If we decided to move forward, she found the vendors, coordinated timing between the vendors and my schedule, made appointments, met them at my house along with me, and collected quotes. Even her recommendations came one at a time so that I didn’t freeze and could feel like I could actually accomplish them. For each showing, she added one or two recommendations for rearranging my house. If she had told me all of it at once, I don’t think I would have had the bandwidth to process it b/c the process was so out of my comfort zone already. Shawn is completely confident in her expertise and knowledge, yet also fully aware that each season, there is a new culture and generation of buyers and approached it without presumption but through careful study and analysis of the market as it opened, moved us to meet those opportunities. She called us in the spring the year before we planned to sell our home when she learned from her client and our friend that we were anticipating selling our house the following year. We would’ve called her in the spring of wanting to list. What do we know of this process!? She invested her time in us, months on end because her goal is a job thoroughly done rather than the approach that time is money. She encouraged and moved us along always with the freedom and affirmation that whatever pace we could go at is the right and only pace we could move. I think we accomplished way more than we dreamed because she took the now-or-never panic out of the process and never forgot that there’s a human/emotional part to this huge business transaction. In the end, she had gotten us to a place where we were prepared to list when it was clear that the market was ripe, 2 months before my husband and I had intended to list our house. We started the selling process with broad spectrum of possible buyers and as the listing season approached, she put out feelers using her coworkers and other professionals in the market to see more specifically which type of buyers would be most interested in our house. By the time we listed and did our open house, she had done the ground work so thoroughly that again, not only had she gotten us prepared, but she had customized our listing to the specific buyers we were approaching so that we had 30 prospective clients walk through in our 2 hour first and only open house! Our house had a niche in the market. Did we know that starting out? Not at all. Did Shawn know that a year before we listed? She knew it would be one of the options but also didn’t know for sure. She had the expertise and knowledge to prepare us for our appropriate market. She had the compassion and depth to listen and hear and meet us where we were emotionally and physically. She had the discernment, resourcefulness, and unbelievable work ethics to figure out our niche and capitalize on it.

Yuko Sharpee

I have written a response about Shawn already, but she is in a league of her own.

I have worked with about five realtors in my life, and she spent more hours with me on this transaction than all of them put together. Her commitment to service is unparalleled. She had excellent advice for me along the way, and she stuck with me during this unprecedented time in our history with C-19. She did open houses week after week. I cannot begin to explain how committed she was to selling my house. And... we finally got it done!

Linda Maclachlan

Shawn helped my dad (92) and myself find a place to live as we were downsizing from a four bedroom, two story house with basement to a two bedroom, two bathroom, one floor condo.

She was there every step of the way, finding everything that met our needs. Shawn was always available with our timeframes, always returned phone calls immediately, always answered all of our questions and was a great pleasure to work with. She went above and beyond the call-of-duty when it came to timely offers, no matter what the time of day was or the day of the week. Then, Shawn also helped us sell the house we moved out of. She had several open houses that produced immediate interests and offers right away. We sold quickly as we were anxious to get moved into our condo. We were extremely happy, satisfied and grateful for everything Shawn did for us. We absolutely recommend that Shawn is a super agent to work with.

John and Barbara LaShorne
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